CIESKIN's Ideal Skin Regeneration for your Eternal Beauty

For your eternal beauty, we have been intensively researching
and developing only the field of skin regeneration for 20 years.

"CIESKIN", a regenerative medicine brand,
It is a company specializing in manufacturing cosmetics and skin beauty devices.

Since 2001, a new platform has been proposed in the medical beauty field.
We are realizing R&D, manufacturing, distribution, OEM, and ODM.

CIESKIN Introduction

Natural BIO Technology SINCE 2001

  • Skin Beauty Devices Manutacturing
  • Professional Cosmetics Manufacturing
  • Education and Beauty Chain Program

Cosmeceutical Combined to Biotechnology

  • Skin Regeneration
  • Hair Loss Treatment Line
  • Trouble Care Line
  • Inner Beauty For Skin

Development of Solutions for Safe Skin Care

20 years of cooperation and promise
with medical



'CIESKIN', which cooperates with each research institute and university,
presents a new level of vision in the field of anti-aging
through professional technology and research and development.


Using Eco-friendly ingredients, "CIESKIN", which has completed a safe and completed skin regeneration program,
With the heart of a gardener who wants to make the garden beautifully,
All products contain expertise, sincerity, and stability at the same time.


With the know-how of 20 years of medical and aesthetic programs,
By providing customized training and consulting,
Present an optimized solution.
Experience a strategic, differentiated solution from CIESKIN.