Professional Product R&D

A unique solution completed with the know-how of a medical doctor with 20 years of experience


Cosmeceutical cosmetics, skin and beauty equipment. Hair loss treatment products

Systematic Process

Product Completion
Trend Design
BIO Planning


Production of high-quality products

With 20 years of medical know-how and high technology from professional researchers,
R&D and manufacture the best products

Global distribution brand

CIESKIN is a global distribution brand.
Currently, we are building various export positions such as Hong Kong,
the United States, China, and Malaysia.

A systematic OEM/ODM process

Experience all stages of planning, R&D, design, and manufacturing based on high technology,
high-quality raw materials, and know-how of the doctor of medicine with ONE – STOP SYSTEM!

1:1 consulting with experts

We present new optimized solutions through professional consulting with medical and beauty doctors.

The product is full of technology and sincerity. "CIESKIN" is fulfilling customer satisfaction. Please contact us right now!

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